Side Effects Of Tea: Excess of tea can cause health damage, know

Side Effects Of Tea: Excess of tea can cause health damage, know

Most people like to drink tea. Tea lovers believe that a cup of tea is full of energy. Be it morning tea or tea while working in the office, it becomes a bit difficult to refuse.
Those who are fond of tea, believe that tea proves very helpful in alleviating the fatigue of the day. But do you know that overeating tea can also harm your health. After all what happens Let us know the damage.

Harm caused by drinking tea

-The morning tea call has been seen in most people. The first thing that comes to mind in the morning is tea. But tea taken on an empty stomach can prove to be harmful for you. Taking tea on an empty stomach can cause acidity. If you want to drink morning tea, then take the tea only after eating some light.
-If you drink more tea, tea can weaken your digestive system, as well as consuming more tea also reduces your hunger.

  • Chay contains caffeine, which can increase your blood pressure, so as much as possible, include tea in your daily routine.
  • While drinking too much tea can cause heart disease, the sugar present in tea can also increase your weight, which can also surround you with obesity.
    -We have usually seen that people make more tea at one go and heat it and drink it again and again, which can be dangerous for your health. Therefore, pay special attention to the fact that as much as needed, make as much tea and consume fresh tea.

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