Benefits of laughing: Do you know what are the benefits of being happy and laughing?

Benefits of laughing: Do you know what are the benefits of being happy and laughing?

It is said that to stay healthy and fight diseases, it is very important to have strong body resistance, for which it is advisable to eat a nutritious diet. But along with nutritious diet, facial smile also increases your immunity. Yes, immunity also increases by being happy and laughing.
Stress is relieved, mind remains happy, feels mentally healthy, heart remains healthy, glows on face, maintains faciality, increases immunity, keeps blood pressure under control, positive energy remains Is, positive thinking stays, negativity goes away, your smile makes others happy too.
So you read that how many benefits can a small smile give you? Anyway, there is sorrow in everyone’s life, there are problems and from this time we are all well aware of the situation of the country. Even in such times, if you have managed to keep yourself and the people around you happy, then no one can be stronger than you. It is very important to keep yourself positive in every stage of life in this way.
Where will you get laughter? Let’s know

Create funny videos

Can create photos and videos from mobile. Take photos from face filter app without telling family member. His Boomerang can also make videos.

Surely there will be such people in your acquaintance who will be funny and laugh themselves and laugh at others with their funny style, then talk to them. They can also be talked about on video calls.
Remember old stories

By talking to your old friends or relatives on the phone, you can also keep yourself happy by remembering old stories. An anecdote that has become memorable for you, such as college and school talk, which makes you laugh a lot.

Do comedy

You do not need any special posture for this. All you have to do is smile gently and then raise your hands with laughter and laugh. You can do this for 2-3 minutes, later you can also increase the time.
Share old photos

Such pictures that make you laugh a lot, that picture can be of yours or of your friends and relatives too. You can also make yourself happy by sharing them.

Sit with the family and watch a comedy movie or serial. Anyway, by staying with the family, everything gets doubled, so what is the delay? Do these small changes from today and always keep yourself happy, because laughing is also important.


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